3 Reasons Why Your Sewing Machine Misses Stitches

It's frustrating when your sewing machine suddenly starts skipping stitches in a row. The stitching isn't complete, and you'll probably have to take it out and start over. However, when a machine has this problem, it isn't likely to go away on its own. You need to find out what is wrong and fix it. In some cases, this is something you can do yourself once you work out where the problem lies.

Why do sewing machines miss stitches?

1. Needle Problems

Sometimes, a sewing machine will miss a stitch here and there because of a problem with the needle you're using. So, check that you're using the right needle for the job and that you have inserted it correctly.

If you have, then the needle may be damaged. It may have a bend or break in it that prevents it from putting thread through the fabric evenly and in the right place for every stitch.

If you've used the needle a lot, it may simply have lost its sharpness. While it's sharp enough to go through the fabric to form some stitches, it is too dull to do this consistently.

So, switch to a different needle. If the machine then starts stitching correctly, you've fixed the problem.

2. Thread Problems

Not all threads are suitable for machine sewing. Some are too lightweight; others are too thick. If you're using a thread for the first time, then check to see if it is causing the problem.

The easiest way to do this is to switch to a different thread that you've used before. Try stitching on a spare piece of material. If the machine stitches OK, then the thread is the issue. If you still see missing stitches, then you have a different problem.

3. Tension Problems

Sometimes, a sewing machine misses stitches because the tension isn't set right. If this is the root of the problem, then you'll also see that the stitches the machine does make look a little different than usual.

They may be tighter on the top or bottom of the fabric than they should be. So, take a look at the machine's manual and adjust the tension according to its instructions.

In some cases, missed stitches aren't an easy fix. They can be due to a fault in the machine. For example, wear on guides or problems with the timer system can cause this problem.

For more help at this stage, contact a sewing machine repairs company.